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Managers Meeting

CHALLENGE With inspired plans to create an immersive meeting experience, Walgreens Meetings & Media Department and Executive Producer, David Harnish called on Show Department to handle production elements and staging for the 8,000 attendees who gathered for their corporate Managers’ Meeting.

SOLUTION The scope of the three-day Managers’ Meeting included a lively agenda.

In preparation for the event, Show Department was instrumental in providing video services for seven distinct pieces. The videos required casting, location shoots, scripting, and postproduction. All content was developed and produced in an ambitious five-week timeframe.

In addition, comprehensive onsite meeting support and staging was provided for hundreds of sessions: 42 regional VP meeting sessions, 647 operations and supervisor breakout sessions, 35 regional and divisional dinners, 32 marketing workshop and breakout sessions, as well as the marketing commons area.

Then, with all attendees gathered together in the 30,218-sq. ft. venue, all eyes were on the General Session. Show Department recreated a well-known theatrical performance on a grand scale in an arena setting. The showcase performance was capped off with a flawlessly executed effect that relied on Show Department’s expert rigging to deliver the synchronized execution that occurred 45-feet above the crowd.

Show Department designed and implemented all conventional and moving lights, as well as Mitrix LED as scenic elements. In addition to providing all sound for the general session, SDi’s team also handled sound for the entertainment aspects of the event. Custom-manufactured screens were used, and video delivery was HD for i-mag, record, playback, and projection.

The event was a success — well-received by Walgreens, and truly showcased the combined talents of Show Department, Resolution Digital Studios® and The Screen Works®.